Coaching for complete recovery from Anxiety - related conditions, including OCD, Agoraphobia, Pure O and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


An anxiety disorder occurs when the sensation of fear is generated when we really don't need it.


In times of real danger, the body and mind's responses to the sensation of fear re designed to help us - increased adrenalin, heart rate and blood flow can help us run away from or 'fight' the danger, and the 'worst-case' thoughts help us make quick decisions based on avoiding the danger.

If fear is generated when there is no danger though, these responses are expended as horrific symptoms, which create more fear, and more symptoms.

Complete and permanent recovery from anxiety involves stopping the mind from generating fear, through understanding, behavioural change and diversion.

Treatment includes five one-hour coaching sessions (in Oxfordshire, London, or over Skype) to teach the nature and physiology of anxiety, the appropriate behaviour and diversion to completely stop the mind from generating the sensation of fear. 

As well as the coaching sessions, you will receive access to online resources and three months of online and telephone support.


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