Anxiety recovery coaching to completely eliminate Anxiety-related disorders, including OCD, Agoraphobia, PTSD, Pure O and intrusive thoughts.


What is Anxiety?

An Anxiety Disorder occurs when the sensation of fear is habitually generated inappropriately to the level of immediate danger in our surroundings. Instead of protecting us from real danger, the physiological responses to the sensation of fear are processed as horrible symptoms. These can range from  'what if', worst case thoughts, to changes in the heart rate, blood flow, breathing, blood flow, or adrenaline, which can be released as a 'panic attack'. Regardless of the cause, symptoms or duration of Anxiety, it is possible to get rid of it for good and get your life back.

How do we get rid of Anxiety?

While medication or talk therapies might help us 'live with' or 'manage' anxiety, it can disappear completely when our understanding, behavioural changes and diversion stop the mind from generating the sensation of fear. 

How does the coaching work?

Tailored individual coaching sessions provide you with a complete understanding on the nature of anxiety and physiological responses to the sensation of fear.


You are then taught behavioural patterns and techniques to adopt, which engage the creative intellect, in order to 're-programme' the mind to become non-anxious.


This is achieved when the mind learns that you are safe through your behaviour, and the  amygdala, the part of the subconscious mind that generates emotional responses, stops producing the sensation of fear, as a result of your understanding, non-anxious behaviour and diversion.

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